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Spray Tan





We now offer tanning packages

1 full body spray $45

3 session $110

5 session $175



This post sunless moisturizing spray is applied and immediately enhances your skin’s color results and rehydrates skin. Ideal if you are going on vacation and plan on being in the water frequently.

Vegan tanning is better than other chemical agents that most people use. In these solutions, natural and vegan products eliminate the harsh particles; therefore, chances that the vegan solution will provoke allergies, irritation, and inflammation on the skin are less. In addition, they don’t include stuff that will intoxicate your body like preservatives, synthetic and other additive ingredients. Hence, the healthiest and safest way to tan your skin quickly without any risk is by using vegan or natural tanning substances.

The ingredients for Vegan tan in different tanning formulations are usually natural oils and sugar beets, which act slowly to darken the skin’s external layer. These environmentally friendly products are without harmful components and all-natural products to suit any skin type. They do not contain additives like fragrance, dyes, colorings synthetics, and paraffin.

Tips to prepare for your spray tan

Shave, exfoliate and shower prior to your appointment. To assure a long, lasting tan make sure your skin is clean and oil-free. Arrive to your appointment with dark, loose clothing. We do not recommend wearing leggings, jeans, socks, closed shoes, boots, or anything tight that will be uncomfortable as your spray tan develops.


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